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Have you seen an ADA seal of approval on your toothpaste container or another oral care product? Well, ADA stands for American Dental Association. Did you know Dr. Donald Roman is a member of the ADA? What does this mean?

What is the American Dental Association (ADA)?

The ADA is a reputable organization with 161,000 members all around America and even in Puerto Rico, making it the largest dental association in the nation.

What does the ADA do?

It provides accurate, current accessible education about dentistry for both dentists and patients. The ADA Foundation offers disaster relief to members in need, offers scholarships for dental students, and advocates for children’s dental health. Member dentists get benefits like insurance plans, travel savings, and discounts on ADA products

What is the ADA Seal of Approval?

The ADA seal sets a very high standard for dental products. Oral care companies submit extremely detailed data from several rigorous studies to the ADA for review, paying thousands of dollars in application fees. If they are found to meet the requirements for safety and effectiveness, they can used the ADA seal. You can trust products with this seal to be both safe and effective.

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