Caring for Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign

Caring for Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign

May 1, 2023

Invisalign is unlike conventional orthodontic braces in many ways. Invisalign goes way beyond waiting for your teeth to become straighter. It also entails cleaning your teeth and gums twice daily to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Besides delivering straighter teeth and a beautiful smile than earlier, Invisalign ensures your teeth are immaculate and not susceptible to oral conditions or diseases. When you complete your Invisalign treatment from the orthodontist in Hackensack, NJ, you will be surprised at how straight your teeth are and appear clean and healthy.

When wearing Invisalign in Hackensack, NJ, it is essential that you care for your teeth just as you would without the braces on them. This article provides tips on caring for your teeth with Invisalign to get through your orthodontic treatment without dental infections. Kindly read for further details.

Remove Invisalign Braces from Your Teeth When Brushing

Did we surprise you by stating to remove the braces while brushing your teeth? If so, let us explain that Invisalign clear aligners have a removable feature and need removal when eating or cleaning your teeth. The feature is unlike traditional braces mounted on your teeth for treatment duration. The removable quality of Invisalign aligners ensures you can take the braces out when eating to avoid food particles from remaining trapped in them and clean your teeth after eating before you replace the aligners on your teeth.

You do not receive specific instructions on cleaning your teeth with Invisalign aligners, unlike if you have metal and wire braces on your teeth. You can continue your dental hygiene regimen by brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once. You can use mouthwash for rinsing daily. However, it helps if you brush your teeth after every meal because it prevents food particles from lodging in the aligners with bacteria. Unfortunately, if you cannot brush your teeth, you can rinse your mouth with water and avoid sugary and starchy foods and carbohydrates.

Flossing Your Teeth

The dentist near me suggests keeping up with your flossing habits even if you have Invisalign aligners on your teeth. Flossing helps eliminate food from the crevices of your teeth. If you have metal braces, flossing can be challenging because the wires and brackets do not permit you to clean between your teeth. However, flossing is a breeze with Invisalign because the braces are removable, enabling you to use the flossing tool whenever they are out of your mouth. You can also use antibacterial mouthwash with fluoride to help clean your teeth and strengthen tooth enamel to battle against cavities when receiving the orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth.

Cleaning the Aligners

Cleaning the aligners that help straighten your teeth is also an essential requirement. You may think your teeth don’t have any residual food particles and bacteria because you clean them frequently. However, eliminating all dental plaque on and between your teeth is practically impossible, and some inevitably find their way to the invisible aligners. Therefore you must listen to the advice of the dental offices providing the treatment and clean the aligners by rinsing them in water every time you remove them from your mouth and before placement over your teeth.

You may have to invest in Invisalign cleaning crystals to soak the trays for about three minutes before cleaning them with mild soap and rinsing them before placing them over your teeth to continue your treatment.

The removable feature of Invisalign allows you to maintain excellent dental hygiene by going through your oral hygiene regimen without compromising on any requirement. You can also schedule appointments with family dentistry to receive routine exams and cleanings at six-monthly intervals if your Invisalign treatment extends to over 18 months because you have a complicated situation of orthodontic imperfections.

Invisalign is an excellent alternative for adults seeking orthodontic treatments to improve the positioning of their teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. The aligners are virtually invisible and fit like a snug hat over your teeth. In addition, the therapy delivers quick results in straightening mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections in six to 18 months. Best of all, Invisalign allows you to complete orthodontic treatment without the fear of being saddled by dental infections like tooth discoloration, cavities, or gum disease, as it is familiar with conventional orthodontics.

If you intend to straighten your teeth without metal wires and brackets, Roman Dental Arts provide Invisalign in Hackensack to help you achieve your goal. Consult them today to assess your teeth and determine the complexity of your situation to start planning your treatment with Invisalign receiving instructions from them on caring for your teeth during your orthodontic treatment.