Compelling Reasons Why You Should opt for SureSmile Over Other Teeth Straightening Technique

Compelling Reasons Why You Should opt for SureSmile Over Other Teeth Straightening Technique

July 1, 2022

Have you been considering straightening your teeth? Orthodontic treatment ideally transforms your dental outlook and helps address various dental flaws. Invisalign and SureSmile utilize removable appliances and are comfortable to wear. SureSmile is a cutting-edge tooth straightening approach that uses state-of-art technology. Our orthodontist in Hackensack may recommend you to undergo the procedure due to its precision and accuracy. Unlike traditional braces, you get quick results through the orthodontic treatment option.

An Overview on SureSmile

SureSmile clear aligners are vital orthodontic appliances for straightening your teeth. At our cosmetic dentistry in Hackensack, NJ, our specialists utilize specialized technology to create personalized, custom-made aligners that are accurate for your teeth alignment. Your dentists use the dental impressions and mold ideal aligners for you. In addition, your specialist assesses your bite and develops a specialized plan.

The treatment depends on your personalized needs, and your orthodontist provides you with specific instructions to ensure you observe your routine dental hygiene with the aligners. SureSmile aligners gradually move your teeth to the ideal position, and your dentist may recommend you change your aligners after two weeks to ensure progressive straightening of your teeth. The aligners can address minor dental issues within 12 months. However, if your condition is complex, the treatment may take about 24 months.

What are the Benefits Associated with SureSmile Clear Aligners?

Having SureSmile in Hackensack, NJ, has multiple benefits, and unlike other orthodontic procedures, it enables you to have a straight dental faster. Some of the benefits include:

  • Your teeth are straightened without impacting your dental appearance since the aligners are invisible. In addition, the appliances are discrete and highly effective for your treatment.
  • SureSmile aligners are ideal for addressing many orthodontic issues, including severe teeth misalignments. The treatment addresses the misaligned teeth, among other orthodontic problems.
  • With SureSmile, you’ll need refinements during or after treatment, unlike other transparent aligner brands. Additionally, your specialist at our cosmetic dentistry in Hackensack, NJ, customizes your aligners based on your dental preferences.
  • The appliances are comfortable to wear since the surface of the aligners is smooth. The material is friendly to your soft oral tissues, including the gums and lips. Unlike traditional braces that cause friction on your oral tissues due to wires and brackets, the aligners don’t cause any discomfort.

Why Choose SureSmile for Your Teeth Straightening

Numerous reasons may compel your specialist to use SureSmile clear aligners for teeth straightening. The procedure involves advanced technologies for orthodontic care. Some of the reasons why you need to consider the treatment option include:

Minimal Discomfort

Unlike traditional braces that need adjustments, SureSmile technology is designed to provide you with maximum comfort and effectiveness. The aligners don’t require adjustments, and you’ll not experience discomfort for long.

High Precision and Positive Outcomes

SureSmile in Hackensack, NJ, uses 3D imaging, and the SureSmile aligners shift your teeth to their desired position with flawless precision. The robotic technology shapes the wires that gradually move your teeth accurately and provide desired outcomes.

Fewer Appointments to Your dental Office

Unlike other dental procedures, you make fewer visits to your orthodontist’s office. SureSmile aligners are efficient and convenient. They enable your teeth to shift better than conventional braces and do not interfere with your daily dental routine. You can maintain proper oral hygiene and keep your teeth healthy.

Quick results

Traditional braces require long-term treatment that ranges between 12 to 18 months. However, SureSmile requires about six months of treatment. As a result, the results are obtained faster than conventional orthodontic procedures.

Ease of Use

SureSmile clear aligners provide you with ease during treatment since they are removable and enable you to observe proper oral hygiene. They are flexible with defined wearing time. You can remove the aligners as you eat or clean your dental.

It’s crucial to consult your orthodontist about SureSmile before undergoing the procedure, and having SureSmile require an evaluation of your dental status. Our orthodontist at Hackensack evaluates our teeth, jaws, and oral cavities to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for SureSmile and formulates a perfect treatment plan for you.

At Roman Dental Arts, we recommend you undergo teeth straightening using the SureSmile procedure since it’s practical and comfortable. Unlike traditional braces, the outcomes with clear aligners are precisely perfect. So please make an appointment for teeth straightening with our experts today!