How SureSmile Helps You Improve the Quality of Your Smile

How SureSmile Helps You Improve the Quality of Your Smile

February 14, 2022

Your orthodontic treatment may appear like brackets and wires from far-off. However, a close look reveals a different story. The same wires and brackets that change the appearance of your smile and the time required to achieve it are entirely different.

SureSmile also appears like brackets and wires that your friends and family members used for teeth straightening. However, SureSmile is a brilliant technique for wire braces. Not only does SureSmile help you achieve the precise smile you desire, but the treatment helps you achieve your goal 34 percent faster than traditional braces.

Would you like to know what are SureSmile braces and how they change your entire orthodontic experience? Would you please continue reading to realize what makes SureSmile unique in how everyone experiences orthodontics?

Explaining SureSmile

SureSmile develops the orthodontic archwires that are fed between the brackets. These wires are helpful to create the pressure to straighten your teeth. The researchers at SureSmile utilize a three-step process to custom make wires designed for your mouth.

How SureSmile Works?

During your first visit to orthodontics in Hackensack, NJ, the orthodontist fits you for the wires. Next, the orthodontist uses a white light scanner or CBCT scans to develop 3D digital images of your mouth and teeth. The 3D pictures look at your mouth comprehensively than an x-ray or photographs. In addition, the digital scan is more versatile because it matches the second phase of the process, which is software planning.

The high-resolution 3D images are uploaded by the orthodontist to the SureSmile software after you leave their office. The manufacturers drag your teeth from the photos into place using the software to create the perfect alignment. After they are through, they have a precise picture of what you want your smile to appear like.

After they are satisfied, the office dispatches the software plan for your braces to the SureSmile headquarters. Next, robots help work out the precise specifications to create the wires designed explicitly for your teeth from SureSmile.

Benefits Of SureSmile

The software from SureSmile doesn’t merely plan your smile but also discovers the best and most direct approach to achieve it. Your teeth are stubborn and will move at the same pace regardless of what wires you use. However, making your teeth move faster physically is challenging. Therefore it is your responsibility to make them move efficiently. The software utilizes the comprehensive images of your mouth sent by the doctor for calculating concurrent tooth movements relevant explicitly for your mouth and not mouths generally.

When robots develop the wires, they follow a calculated path matching your teeth and mouth. Instead of adjusting the wires repeatedly over time, SureSmile begins working on moving your teeth instantly.

Traditional braces do not have the accuracy and mathematics involved in creating SureSmile wires. Therefore, manual manipulation is essential by the dental office if you decide to have traditional braces to straighten teeth.

Your orthodontist is a professional with experience, but they are merely human. Manual manipulation doesn’t deliver the precision that software and robots can. As a result, you require more adjustments because your teeth move gradually instead of using a direct path.

Eventually, SureSmile clear aligner treatment helps you not waste time getting your teeth straightened. Instead, the movements begin immediately and result in improvements by taking 34 percent less time to achieve the ideal smile you desire with SureSmile.

Researchers and patients have confirmed that not only does SureSmile requires less time to deliver results than braces, but it also provides them an improvement in the quality of their smile.

Is SureSmile a Reality or Just a Gimmick?

The thought of wearing braces for fewer than three years without compromising on your dream smile may seem reasonable, but is it a reality? Results are available to prove patients with SureSmile required less treatment time by approximately seven months and had better radiographic evaluations than traditional braces.

If you desire an improvement in the quality of your smile without spending three years or more with traditional braces, you must consider SureSmile offered by family dentistry to receive shorter and straightforward treatments. In addition, SureSmile requires fewer appointments with orthodontists with fewer waiting times than with traditional braces.

Do not waste more time before sharing your best smile with the people around you. Please contact Roman Dental Arts to educate yourself about SureSmile to straighten teeth and improve the quality of your smile.