Is Gum Surgery with Painless Dentistry Possible?

Is Gum Surgery with Painless Dentistry Possible?

August 1, 2023

Are you self-conscious about the unbalanced proportion of gum tissue in your teeth? Do you feel frustrated about your periodontal disease? If yes, gum surgery is an effective solution. It addresses gum disease and the damage associated with it. Sometimes, the local dentist blends gum surgery with multiple tooth extractions.

Since the professional uses local anesthesia to numb the regions, the process is painless. So, patients do not need to be concerned about the discomfort linked with the dental work. Once the anesthesia effects slow down, swelling and other discomfort occur for a few days. It’s mainly when the dental professional eradicates the tissue from the palate.

The dentist will prescribe pain-killing medicine that could include antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection. Depending on the requirement for operation and the gum disease severity, the time patients spend at the clinic will differ. Laser gum surgery typically takes less time.

Why Get Pain-Free Gum Surgery?

Today, the dentist Hackensack NJ performs gum surgery using modern dental tools and technologies to avoid painful experiences. Its benefits include:

Minimal Discomfort

Unlike traditional gum surgeries, modern surgery is much less invasive. Since a laser does not cut into the gum tissue, it has a low risk of sensitivity, bleeding, and infection. Due to its less invasive nature, numerous patients feel less fearful when fixing their dental health issues.

Fixes Your Gum Disease

When you leave gingivitis untreated for longer, it results in tooth loss and other oral health problems. It leaves in-depth bacterial pockets that routine dental cleaning cannot address. A laser gum surgery allows patients with advanced gum disease to rescue their natural teeth. It works by eradicating harmful bacterial buildup accumulated in deep pockets.

Short Recovery Period

To recover from gum surgery, it nearly takes 2 to 4 weeks. Sometimes, patients get considerable pain and swelling. A laser gum surgery has minimal recovery time (less than one day). It’s because it involves no stitching or cutting.

Since the doctor does not use traditional surgical tools, he/she eliminates minimal tissue. It leads to minimal bleeding, pain, and swelling.

Safe for Every Patient

Laser is a clinically-tested procedure that neutralizes viruses that cause gum problems, so it is safe for all patients. It will reduce the risk of gum line infection, pain, and bleeding.

Takes Less Time to Complete

Traditional gum disease treatments require multiple hours and dental visits. But with the laser, gum surgery takes less than 2 hours to complete. Also, patients need 2 follow-up dental appointments.

Less Dietary Restrictions

After getting laser gum surgery, patients do not feel pain or other discomforts when consuming hard foods. But in the case of a traditional gum surgical procedure, patients have a restricted diet. Rather than taking hard food varieties, they can only have soft beverages or foods. Also, patients can easily stick to good dental hygiene after laser surgery.

No Novocaine or Anesthesia

Since most gum surgeries are performed using a laser, they do not require Novocaine or anesthesia. Novocaine is invasive and can lead to plenty of issues.

Effective Outcome

Another advantage of laser gum surgery is that it provides long-lasting results. 98% of individuals remain stable at 5 years after the treatment. During laser gum surgery, no healthy gum tissue gets damaged. It also does not affect teeth or bones. It’s because the technique is precise and accurate.

Allow You Live with a Confident Smile

If your teeth feel short or you are struggling with a gummy smile, laser gum therapy can help. The procedure contours the gum shape and gets rid of the additional gum tissue to help you accomplish the desired smile.

Maintain a Healthy Mouth Today with Gum Surgery at Roman Dental Arts

Feeling unhealthy due to periodontal disease? Get it checked fast at our dental office. The dentist near you will advise a laser gum surgical procedure. Its main aim is to reverse the effects of mouth bacteria and ensure a healthy smile. Laser gum surgery gives numerous benefits to patients when compared to traditional gum surgery. The common advantage of this treatment in the dental world is that it’s painless.

Without pain in your way, patients will get a less traumatic experience. As you know, leaving periodontal disease as it is will damage your healthy gums and existing teeth. It results in long-term jawbone issues.