What Happens After Your Last Invisalign Aligner?

What Happens After Your Last Invisalign Aligner?

November 2, 2022

Wearing your Invisalign aligners until treatment is complete is something to celebrate. But as you celebrate your dental cosmetic achievements, it’s normal to be curious about the next step you’ll need to undertake to ensure the results remain permanent. It’s, therefore, not surprising that most patients ask what will happen after they wear their last Invisalign aligners. Wet, therefore, prepared this article to explain the things that take place post-Invisalign treatment.

What Are Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign aligners are removable and transparent teeth alignment tools that help improve the aesthetics of your teeth. Once you decide to get Invisalign aligners, an orthodontist in Hackensack will measure your teeth and come up with custom-made Invisalign trays that you’ll have to wear and change after a set period.

Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners are more comfortable, less noticeable, and easy to remove. You can take them off any time you want without a dentist’s assistance. But for the treatment to work well, you must wear the aligners throughout the day and only remove them when necessary, for example, when eating or brushing your teeth.

What Happens Next After Invisalign Treatment?

In the dental office, your dentist will look at the treatment results and, if successful, devise a way to stabilize them so they remain permanent. For those planning to get Invisalign in Hackensack, your dentist will develop a custom-made contention device for your dental needs to make the results more long-lasting.

Since every patient is different, the type of contention device used will vary for each patient. For example, your dentist may opt to use a fixed or movable contestation device. Fixed devices will be worn throughout the day, so they are made to be invisible and harder to spot. On the other hand, the movable ones are usually worn at night and for specific durations.

Even though contention devices sound similar to Invisalign aligners, they are not identical. Unlike Invisalign aligners, contention devices aren’t specifically meant for dental alignment but instead ensure the teeth remain aligned 7 years after Invisalign treatment, making the treatment results long-lasting.

How the Retention Treatment Works

Retention is the final step after Invisalign treatment is complete. Your Invisalign dentist will first look at your teeth to determine if you are ready to start wearing restraints. During retention, your dentist will place a wire inside your teeth on the mandible and maxilla. There is also an internally attached retainer with a maxilla splint to be worn at night.

Wearing retainers is more crucial for children who have undergone Invisalign treatment. However, your dentist might decide otherwise if your child has health problems that may cause complications.

Why Contention After Invisalign Treatment Is Necessary

Many orthodontists worry about the recurrence of malocclusions after Invisalign treatment. Malocclusion is a condition categorized by improper teeth alignment after closing the jawbone. Patients with this condition have crooked or crowded teeth that can lead to other dental problems like miss bites and tooth loss.

Although Invisalign treatment helps with malocclusions, certain factors related to aging can make treatment less effective and lead to recurrences. Fortunately, contention can be used to prevent malocclusions after Invisalign treatment. However, patients should be more cautious and avoid sucking tics while correctly positioning their teeth. In addition, practice good oral hygiene regularly by using a soft-bristled toothbrush so as not to dislodge the contention device when cleaning your teeth.

How Long Do Restraints Last?

Cosmetic dentistry in Hackensack, NJ, uses high-quality contention devices. As a result, the devices’ fixed (internal) and mobile (movable) variants are long-lasting. The fixed one has an average lifespan of 10 years while the mobile one has 8 years. They are also accurate and comfortable since they are custom-made according to each patient’s needs.


Invisalign treatment is essential as it helps make your teeth more attractive. In addition, the treatment corrects dental misalignments, which makes it easier for patients with crooked teeth to chew food without experiencing miss bites or discomfort. Nonetheless, for the treatment results to be effective for an extended period, your dentists will need to fit you with a contention device upon completing the Invisalign treatment. If you plan to start Invisalign treatment, visit Roman Dental Arts for the best Invisalign in Hackensack. We use the best Invisalign aligners and restraints to make treatment more effective and long-lasting.