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Your tooth enamel protects the sensitive and vulnerable tissues inside the teeth. Its mineral density gives your tooth the strength to handle biting and chewing food. If the integrity of the inner tooth becomes compromised, you may be at a high risk of tooth decay problems. You can protect the outer shell of your teeth and prevent tooth decay by receiving fluoride treatment.

Tooth enamel can weaken as a result of poor oral hygiene or eating a lot of highly acidic foods and drinks. If you have a lack of fluoride exposure, you may also be at a risk of tooth problems. If Dr. Donald Roman detects any signs of weakened tooth enamel at your routine dental checkup, he may suggest that you also receive fluoride treatment during your visit. Fluoride can help improve the strength of the tooth in just a single treatment.

If our dentist is concerned about the long-term quality of the tooth enamel, he can also provide prescription fluoride supplements, such as sublingual tabs or gels, a mouth rinse or a fluoride toothpaste that is highly concentrated.

We encourage you to use the ingestible fluoride supplements as instructed. It’s important to apply the fluoride gel or mouthwash right at bedtime or when you know you can avoid eating or drinking for half an hour or longer.

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