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Dental anxiety and sedation dentistry go hand in hand. When a person experiences deep dental anxiety, they can often use a sedative to help calm them down and put them in a more relaxed state so that a procedure can be effectively done. Sedatives come in a wide range of forms with varying degrees of sedation.

Deep sedatives are used to put a patient to sleep. While under the effects of general anesthesia, a user will not wake up until the sedative has fully worn off. Intravenous sedatives injected directly into the bloodstream and sedatives that are orally ingested via pill form can both be adjusted to be used as a mild relaxant or put the user to sleep.

Gas sedatives such as laughing gas can be used for a mild effect that wears off rather quickly. Because laughing gas is only a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, it is safe and effective without affecting your demeanor for the rest of your day. It is the only sedative considered safe enough for a person who is given it to drive themselves home after a surgery.

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