What should I look for when choosing the right dentist for me?

That the Dentist is knowledgeable and Listens to his patient's.

What are the most popular cosmetic procedures?

Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Veneers and Crowns.

How is Invisalign different from braces?

-There are no brackets/wires, so you can eat normally and have easy home care to prevent cavities and gum problems. -Often, treatment times are shorter than conventional braces.

How long is Invisalign treatment?

-Often, most cases are completed in 12 to 14 months with far less need for refinements than Invisalign.

What can you do with a dental laser?

They can treat cavities, gum infections, and Cancer sores, speed healing times and are far more comfortable as the need for dental novocaine is far less than conventional dental treatment.

Why should I choose SureSmile Aligners?

Treatment time is speedier, less need for refinements, and far less issues of cavities, gum disease, tooth spotting, and eat normally.

What types of sedation do you use?

  1. With dental lasers; often not necessary
  2. Normal dental Novocain
  3. Nitrous Oxide: for relaxation
  4. Oral Valium When necessary.

What to avoid after dental implant treatment?

  1. soft diet
  2. No smoking
  3. Common Sense
  4. refrain from Cardio Exercise for 48 hours.

Do I need to have insurance to have orthodontic treatment?

No, you do not need dental insurance for orthodontic care, but assists if you have it. a. we provide multiple payment options to make your orthodontic treatment affordable.

Can you use teeth whitening strips while pregnant?

No tooth whitening will pregnant is not recommended as no studies have been done on that. a. Normally, professional tooth whitening from us is safe and effective.

How long after tooth extraction can a bridge be fitted?

A transitional or temporary bridge can be fitted immediately following tooth extraction, but permanent restoration should be placed 10 to 12 weeks following to allow for normal healing of the gum and bone.

How much does a dental bridge cost without insurance?

Dental bridges are effective and cost affordable as, with proper care, they can last a patient twenty or more years.