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Do you have a cracked tooth? You may be tempted to say no, but before you dismiss the idea, you might want to read the symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome.

You may not even know you have a cracked tooth. In some cases, the crack is not visible, and may not even show up on a dental x-ray. You may have a cracked tooth if you experience pain when biting, eating or drinking, It may be a sharp pain that comes and goes suddenly, or a recurring pain. But pain may be an indicator of a cracked tooth. Your dentist will have an easier time finding your cracked tooth if you make a note of when you felt the pain, what you were doing, eating or drinking when the pain occurred, and the area of your mouth, or if you can, the tooth, in which you felt the pain.

There is no single cause of a cracked too. It can be caused by grinding your teeth, improper tooth alignment, or biting into something hard. If you have had a root canal or a large filling, your tooth might be prone to cracking.

If a cracked tooth is not treated, it could get bigger, or parts of your tooth might break off. You could develop an infection in the gums around the tooth.

Your dentist may decide to bond your tooth to seal the crack. If the crack has not worked it’s way below the gumline, a crown may solve the problem. If you have been grinding your teeth, the dentist may want to fit you for a night guard to wear while you sleep. If the problem is severe enough, a root canal may be needed.

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