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Have you ever wondered if there were more precise ways to clean and sterilize your mouth that don’t involve cutting or drilling? In an increasing dental field, lasers are becoming more popular for those tasks. Thanks to their precision technology, they are highly effective at preparing your mouth for a variety of oral health services. Forgo standard treatments and save your smile with lasers!

Beginning around 1994, lasers began to show up in dental offices around the country. Not only can they remove excess gum tissue to help reshape gums around teeth, they can remove decay to prepare teeth for dental fillings, and clean the areas around teeth to prepare them for root canals.

Lasers can even be used to help brighten your smile. With many professional teeth whitening treatments, a special gel is applied to your teeth. Lasers are used to activate the gels while on your teeth to dive below the tooth enamel and safely remove stains and discolorations. Lasers can even be used to help remove tissues for cancer biopsies.

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