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Treating your smile with effective oral health care routines often consists of using tooth restorations designed to repair any damage that has occurred. Dental damage can occur in numerous ways, and one of the key hazards that often affects your smile is known as dental erosion. If dental erosion occurs to the point that a cavity is present, it will need to be removed and treated with a dental filling.

Keeping your teeth safe from the risk of dental erosion requires effective oral health care cleaning treatments on a daily basis. Not only should you be brushing your teeth twice a day, but you should be flossing once a day as well. However, if dental erosion occurs to the point that a hole has formed in the tooth enamel, a cavity will arise. The decaying tooth material must be removed, and a dental filling must be put in its place. One highly effective dental filling to use is a composite filling

Composite fillings are designed to mimic the natural color of teeth. This is also why they are referred to as tooth-colored fillings. This can be extremely beneficial for the oral status of your smile. In addition, they can be repaired many times over without having to replace the initial filling. Each individual composite filling can last 7 to 10 years, which means decades of support for a tooth if you continually repair them on top of each other. In addition, composite fillings are more preventative to tooth fracture, and better sealants of the margins than dental amalgams are.

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