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Have you ever known someone who’s missing pearly whites? If so, you probably know that you could improve the cosmetic appeal of your smile by having your tooth replaced. However, did you know that tasks that were once simple–such as chewing and speaking clearly–could be more difficult? If you’re missing a tooth, you may eventually find yourself dealing with a number of other problems.

In reality, if you have a missing tooth, your other pearly whites could shift. This can undo any orthodontic work you’ve had, including braces. However, did you know that missing a tooth may also make it more difficult for you to remove bacteria and food particles from your teeth? Sadly, this means you’ll be more likely to have tooth decay or gum disease–which could leave you more vulnerable to bad breath and even tooth loss.

Luckily, there are several restoration options that might work well for you. For example, you probably know that you could consider a dental implant. This important restoration treatment is extremely durable and easy to replace if damaged. You could also consider dentures, which might be useful for replacing several missing teeth. Finally, you could consider a dental bridge to replace consecutive missing teeth. Luckily, each of these options is made to look and function like your other teeth.

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