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Yogurt has the potential to be very helpful for you. It can provide some nutrients for your tooth enamel and some probiotics, which may be helpful for preventing bad breath and cavities.

Calcium and protein are necessary components of your body, and yogurt can provide more of them. In fact, calcium and protein are very helpful for your teeth because they work to keep your enamel strong.

Probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria, can also be found in yogurt. Probiotics can help you by making your mouth their home. This can create a housing problem for the bad bacteria, because they are left with less room to live in. Since they have less living space, they may have less chance to cause cavities and bad breath.

If you would like to consider eating yogurt more often for these benefits, we do suggest you go with sugarless varieties. The bad bacteria are attracted to sugar, so you help the probiotics do their job by not providing the bad ones with lots of sugar. Brushing and flossing are still important too. Yogurt does not invalidate them.

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