Our office strives to provide the finest care for our patient through continuing education and utilizing the most advanced, effect method of technology.

You will find that my office has many advancements which are found in only 2 to 5% of dental offices across our nation. What this means for our patients is that we can diagnose more precisely, and treat our patients conditions more effectively right in our office. There normally is no time wasted in reaching a diagnosis and beginning care quickly to prevent increased problems associated with having to send patents to other offices for important testing. Additionally, our patient’s voice that they feel far more confident in their care and outcomes being treated by the same competent doctor and staff they have come to trust.

Our office utilizes the following technologies:

  • Cerec
  • Laser Soft Tissue and Multitissue
  • Digital xray
  • 3D xrays
  • Intraoral camera