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If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, then you will be pleased to learn that advancements in dental technology have allowed CEREC technology to produce same-day dental restorations. Dr. Donald Roman uses this cutting-edge computer-assisted technology to design and create a custom-made dental crown in a single day, restoring your smile before or in the midst of the holidays!

There are many benefits to CEREC technology in addition to creating same-day dental crowns, and these include:

– Eliminating the need for temporary crowns: CEREC provides single-visit dental crowns so that you need not struggle with the discomfort of temporary dental crowns.
– Porcelain dental fillings: CEREC technology can create fillings with an advanced design that can make them more durable and long lasting than traditional composite dental fillings.
– Milling your dental restorations right on site ensures that the final product can be cut with precision and provide flawless service.
– The durable nature of CEREC crowns helps them last a decade or more.

We would be glad to help you properly care for your CEREC crown in Hackensack, New Jersey, and enjoy benefits of custom-made CEREC dental crowns during this holiday season. Schedule a visit with our dentist, Dr. Donald Roman, by calling Roman Dental Arts at 201-843-0440.