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You may have had a bump to your mouth recently causing a chip or found a bump or ridge you didn’t like in your smile. Dr. Donald Roman and his professionals want to give you the best treatment for you and your smile. One of the many options we offer is recontouring, an easy and quick procedure to reshape one or more teeth.

The first step in the recontouring process is evaluating which approach and treatment is most beneficial for you. The exact location and size is found by an x-ray, helping your dentist determine where the tooth’s pulp is containing blood vessels and nerves. This is in case the pulp lies too close to the broken surface, so a bonding or veneer may be used instead. Both are equally as appealing as a regular fix. Speak with your dentist if you would prefer this solution instead.

Whether it’s a small chip, bulge, pit, uneven teeth, or long canines disrupting your smile, your dentist will use an individual method to fix your tooth. Besides installing a bonding or veneer, your dentist will use a refined diamond sanding disc to remove a very small part of the enamel. If the problem is between the teeth, a strip of sand paper will be used instead to smooth out any imperfections. After each small, painless procedure, a polish will be the closing touch.

Call our office at 201-843-0440 here in Hackensack, New Jersey to schedule a recontouring appointment or even a consultation. This simple procedure does not require a follow-up appointment with your dentist, but be sure to meet with us for your regular checkup. Our dental professionals at Roman Dental Arts will be happy to assist you and give you your best smile!