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Here at Roman Dental Arts in Hackensack, New Jersey, we understand not everyone has a strong background in dental terms and treatments. That is why our team is happy to tell you about a popular form of treatment you may have heard of before called dental crowns.

Dental crowns are a popular treatment in dentistry that restores a tooth to its original shape, size, and color. There are many reasons to receive a dental crown. Some of these reasons include:

-To support a tooth that has a large filling but doesn’t have a lot of tooth structure left.
-To hold a dental bridge in place.
-To restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has been extremely worn down.
-To cover a misshapen or discolored tooth to improve its appearance.
-To improve the appearance of your smile.
-To cover a dental implant.
-To protect a weak tooth and keep it from breaking.

If you are considering restoring your smile, call us today at 201-843-0440. Our staff is happy to give you the information you need to help you through any dental treatment you may need. So, call us today and make an appointment. It’s never too late to restore your smile!