Partials and Full Dentures in Hackensack, NJ

Whether your teeth are missing due to trauma or dental decay, not replacing them means problems for your oral health. One result is that your healthy teeth will start drifting toward the spaces, causing them to lean and, eventually, fall out. Fortunately, our dentists at Roman Dental Arts have many options for replacing teeth, including partials and full dentures.

Which Should You Choose?

The decision to get either a partial or dentures depends on several considerations. The primary issue is how many teeth you’re missing and whether they’re on one or both jaws. Also, the likelihood of losing more natural teeth is a vital consideration too.

While a bridge is an excellent replacement for one or more missing teeth, if you have teeth on both sides of a jaw that need replacing, then a partial is a better option. If they are missing from the lower and upper jaw due to decay or gum disease, then a full denture set is the best choice.

Our dentists in Hackensack, NJ will recommend the best option for your needs, age, and condition of your teeth and jawbone. For younger people with minimal disease or who’ve lost teeth in trauma, they may suggest replacing them with dental implants. However, for older people with gum disease, the other choices need consideration.

Faster Repairs

Another issue you need to consider is how fast our dentists can repair your teeth. With partials and full dentures near you, you can get them and use them almost immediately. After removing your teeth for a set of dentures, our dentists near you can insert immediate dentures into your mouth. It takes about two weeks for your gums to heal, but then you can go back to eating the foods you love.

Since a dental laboratory manufactures traditional dentures and partials to meet your specific needs, it takes about two to six weeks to get them back from the lab. We will then fit them and show you how to care for them so that they can last for as long as possible,

If you have missing teeth or need extractions due to gum disease or decay, contact our offices at Roman Dental Arts and consult with our dentists in Hackensack, NJ about partials and full dentures to replace teeth.